This senses vocabulary lesson will help you use the words colour, taste, sight, sound, touch, smell, flavour, texture, aroma and perfume, correctly.

(a) colour  noun  red, blue, green, etc

  • The colour green makes you think of spring.


(–) taste  uncountable noun  the flavour of something

  • The wine tastes of apples.


(a) sight  noun  something that someone can see

  • The mountains were a beautiful sight to see.


(a) sound  noun  something that someone can hear

  • The sound of dogs barking at 3 a.m. woke him up.


touch  verb  to put your hand on someone or something

  • He touched her skin – it felt like ice-cold water.


(a) smell  noun  something that you feel using your nose

  • The smell of coffee filled the room.


(a) flavour  noun  how food or drink tastes

  • We sell 21 different flavours of ice-cream.


(a) texture  noun  how something feels when you touch it

  • Her hair had the texture of silk.


(an) aroma  noun  a strong, nice smell

  • My new shampoo has a wonderful aroma.


(–) perfume  uncountable  noun a nice smell

  • The perfume from the roses made her feel romantic.


Now watch the video lesson and then do the senses vocabulary exercise