This lesson will help you define stress, relax, unwind, sit back, cope, tension, stressed out and meditation.

(–) stress  uncountable noun  a worried or nervous feeling that stops you relaxing

  • Worrying about his job has put him under great stress.

relax  verb  to stop work and become calm

  • Find a good sheep and try to relax for half an hour.

unwind  verb  to start to relax after you have been working hard

  • The beach is a great place to unwind.

sit back  phrasal verb  to relax and stop trying to do something

  • Sit back and have a beer.

cope  verb  to deal successfully with a difficult situation

  • The cat found it very difficult to cope with a bored owner.

(–) tension  uncountable noun  the feeling of being nervous or worried before an important or difficult event

  • He tried to reduce the tension he felt by singing a song.

stressed out  adjective  affected by stress

  • She can’t cope with the waiting, she is completely stressed out.

(–) meditation  uncountable noun  a quiet thought either as a religious activity or as a way of becoming calm and relaxed

  • Meditation and yoga can help reduce stress and increase creativity.

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