Love & Romance 1

This love & romance 1 vocabulary lesson will help you use the words date, crush, Mr Right, fall in love, row, split up, chat up line, broken heart and jealous, correctly.

(a) date  noun  a romantic meeting

  • I still remember our first date – a visit to the zoo. Or was it a cafe?


(a) crush  noun  a feeling of love for someone, often someone you know you cannot have a relationship with

  • She has had a crush on Ringo Starr since she was seven.


(–) Mr Right  uncountable noun  a man who would be a perfect husband

  • Hands up who thinks that Cary Grant is the perfect Mr. Right?


fall in love  phrase  to start to love someone

  • The best part of a relationship is when you first fall in love.


(a) row  noun  an argument

  • We had our first row last night – but I won, so it is ok.


split up  phrasal verb  to end a romantic relationship

  • They split up after 15 years of marriage.


(a) chat up line  noun  something that you say to someone to start a conversation with them because you want to have a romantic relationship with them

  • I am not very good at chat up lines. But your eyes are blue like, like, blue eyes.


(a) broken heart  noun  to be very unhappy when a romantic relationship has finished

  • I have a broken heart – will I ever be happy again? Whooooooo!


jealous  adjective  angry because someone that you love is interested in another person

  • I am not jealous. But remember I cook your dinner.


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