This obsession vocabulary lesson will help you use the words crush, adore, passionate, obsession, self-obsessed, fixation, infatuation, intoxication and besotted, correctly.

adore  verb  to love and respect someone very much

  • I adore my human.


(a) crush  noun  a strong but temporary feeling of liking someone, especially someone who you can’t have a relationship with

  • He had had a crush on her since they were at school.


passionate  adjective  having very strong feelings or emotions

  • He was about to give her the most passionate kiss he had ever given to a woman.


(an) obsession  noun  something or someone that you think about all the time

  • He was her obsession. No one else existed.


self-obsessed  adjective  only interested in yourself

  • Social media has made more people self-obsessed.


(a) fixation  noun  an unnaturally strong interest in something or someone

  • Blood is a fixation for her.


(an) infatuation  noun  a short lasting but strong feeling of love for someone, especially someone you do not know very well

  • Was it love, or an infatuation?


intoxicating  adjective  something that gives you a strong feeling of excitement or happiness

  • Her perfume was intoxicating.


besotted  adjective  completely in love with someone and always thinking of them

  • The day they first met they became besotted with each other.


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