Cults 2

This cults 2 vocabulary lesson will help you use the words belief, secrecy, brotherhood, doctrine, self-esteem, manipulate and God squad, correctly.

(a) belief  noun  an idea that you are certain is true

  • His beliefs include ghosts and giant spaghetti monsters.


(–) secrecy  noun  keeping something secret

  • ‘They meet in total secrecy.’


(a) brotherhood  noun  a group of people linked by a shared interest, religion or trade

  • The brotherhood of the Oculus share a love of eyes.


(a) doctrine  noun  political or religious beliefs that are taught and accepted by a group of people

  • The doctrine of the Bacchus sect is taught from the day you join.


(–) self-esteem  noun  the feeling that you are as important as other people

  • After a few months in a cult your self-esteem will be very low.


manipulate  verb  to control something or someone to your advantage, often unfairly

  • Cults manipulate their members so as to make them do things they wouldn’t normally do.


(a) God squad  noun  Christians who are too forceful in trying to persuade other people to believe as they do

  • Sunday morning, 10 a.m., a knock at the door – it must be the God squad.


Now watch the video lesson and then do the cults 2 vocabulary exercise