Cults 1

This cults 1 vocabulary lesson will help you use the words cult, sect, messiah, bizarre, psychological, individuality and apocalyptic, correctly.

(a) cult  noun  a religious group, especially one with beliefs that most people consider strange or dangerous

  • The cult of the goddess Minerva.


(a) sect  noun  a small religious group that came from a larger group and is considered to have extreme or unusual beliefs

  • She joined some strange sect – the Bacchus. Now she spends all day drinking wine.


(a) messiah  noun  a leader who people believe will save them from trouble or difficult situations

  • Our leader is the one true messiah and will save us from evil.


bizarre  adjective  very strange and unusual

  • During their meetings they wear some bizarre masks.


psychological  adjective  involving or affecting the human mind

  • A cult can have a huge psychological effect on its members.


(–) individuality  uncountable noun  the things that make someone or something different from all others

  • Sects do not allow individuality.


apocalyptic  adjective  describing the end of the world

  • Their leader has been describing an apocalyptic future.


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