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The Lion and the Rabbit

A Fable from India

The animals of the forest made a bargain with a ferocious lion who killed for pleasure. It was agreed that one animal each day would willingly go to the ferocious lion’s den to be his supper and, in turn, the lion would never hunt again. The first to go to the lion’s den was a timid rabbit, who went slowly.

‘Why are you late?’ the lion roared when the rabbit arrived.

‘I’m late because of the other lion,’ said the rabbit.

‘In my jungle? Take me to this other lion.’

The rabbit led the lion to a deep well and told him to look in. The lion saw his own reflection in the water and roared! The sound of his roar bounced right back at him as an echo.

‘I alone am king of this jungle,’ he roared again.

His echo answered him, ‘I alone am king of this jungle.’

With that, the lion became so enraged, he charged into the deep well with a great splash! The lion attacked his own reflection and was never heard from again.