This zodiac vocabulary lesson will help you use the words Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, correctly.

(an) Aries  noun  represented by a ram. An Aries is someone who is born between 21st March and 20th April

  • An Aries man and an Aries woman are the perfect couple.


(a) Taurus  noun  represented by a bull. A Taurus, or a Taurean, is someone born between 21st April and 22nd May

  • A match between a Capricorn Woman and a Taurus Man is one of the best in the Zodiac.


(a) Gemini  noun  represented by twins. A Gemini is someone born between 22nd May and 21st June

  • A Gemini woman and Scorpio man will have a hard time understanding each other.


(a) Cancer  noun  represented by a crab. A Cancer, or a Cancerian, is someone born between 22nd June and 22nd July

  • A Cancer woman will have more in common with a Pisces man than any other sign.


(a) Leo  noun  represented by a lion. A Leo is someone born between 23rd July and 22nd August

  • A Leo woman and Capricorn man is good for business but not for love.


(a) Virgo  noun  represented by a young woman. A Virgo is someone born between 23rd August and 22nd September

  • A Virgo woman and Scorpio man are a natural match.


(a) Libra  noun  represented by a pair of scales. A Libra, or a Libran, is someone born between 23rd September and 22nd October

  • Libra men are good with women who are Aries, Gemini and Libra.


(a) Scorpio  noun  represented by a scorpion. A Scorpio, or Scorpian, is someone born between 23rd October and 21st November

  • If both the woman and the man are Scorpios then you will know and understand each other at the deepest possible level.


(a) Sagittarius  noun  represented by an animal that is half horse and half human. A Sagittarius is someone born between 22nd November and 21st December

  • A Sagittarius woman and Scorpio man will not agree about anything.


(a) Capricorn  noun  represented by a goat. A Capricorn is someone born between 22nd December and 19th January

  • A Virgo woman and a Capricorn man make a powerful and lasting relationship.


(an) Aquarius  noun  represented by a person pouring water. An Aquarius is someone born between January 20th and February 19th

  • An Aquarius man will love his woman forever.


(a) Pisces  noun  represented by two fish. A Pisces is someone born between 21st February and 20th March

  • A Pisces man and a Pisces woman will be a disaster.


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