This time vocabulary lesson will help you use the words birthday, date of birth, diary, calendar, time-saving, time management, time flies, spare time and timescale, correctly.

(a) birthday  noun  the same date each year as the one on which you were born

  • Gary’s birthday is on 16th October.


(a) date of birth  noun  the day, month, and year on which you were born

  • Her date of birth is 7th November 2016.


(a) diary  noun  a book with a space or page for each day, in which you write down your thoughts or future plans

  • Dear Diary, today was the same as yesterday. But tomorrow I will go to the moon.


(a) calendar  noun  a printed table hung on a wall showing all the days, weeks, and months of the year

  • A quick look at the calendar tells me I am free all next month.


time-saving  adjective  designed to help you to do something more quickly

  • This time-saving motorbike will get me to work much quicker than the bus.


(–) spare time  noun  time when you do not have to work, or study and you can do what you want

  • In my spare time, I like to count bottles.


(–) time management  noun  using your time effectively or productively at work

  • Time management is the part of my job which I am not good at.


time flies  phrase  used for saying that time is passing very quickly, usually because you are happy

  • Time flies when you’re having fun.


(a) timescale  noun  the period of time which something happens

  • In a geological timescale, these rocks were formed very quickly – about 50 million years.


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