This art vocabulary lesson will help you use the words the arts, artist, art gallery, work of art, culture, literature, sculptor and masterpiece, correctly.

(–) the arts  plural noun  painting, music, film, theatre, and dance, thought about as one subject

  • The arts add colour to our lives.


(an) artist  noun  someone who makes art

  • He is an artist who paints what he feels – I think he has problems at the moment.


(an) art gallery  noun  a building where people can see art

  • She often sits in the art gallery for hours, looking at one picture.


(a) work of art  noun  something made by an artist using great skill

  • Her latest work of art is difficult to describe.


(–) culture  uncountable noun  the music, art, theatre, literature, etc, of a country

  • Chinese culture seems to have a lot of dragons in it.


(–) literature  uncountable noun  written art

  • Great literature shouldn’t be left on a shelf, it should be read.


(a) sculptor  noun  an artist who uses stone, metal or wood to create works of art

  • A great sculptor can create something warm from cold stone.


(a) masterpiece  noun  a very good work of art

  • The Lovers is one of René Magritte’s greatest masterpieces.


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