Film Genres

This lesson will help you define genre, science fiction, horror, comedy, love story, thriller, western and musical.

(a) genre  noun  a style of art, music or literature

  • What is your favourite genre of film?

(–) science fiction  uncountable noun  books and films about an imagined future, especially with space travel to other planets

  • Star Trek and Star Wars are two good examples of sci-fi films.

(a) horror film  noun  a film made to frighten people, with murders, frightening creatures, or evil people

  • Teenage horror films such as Friday 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street are stupid.

(a) comedy  noun  a film to make you laugh

  • A comedy is a film that makes you laugh. American Pie doesn’t make anyone laugh!

(a) love story  noun  a film about a romantic relationship

  • Brief Encounter is a simple but brilliant love story about two people who meet at a railway station.

(a) thriller  noun  a book or film that has an exciting story

  • The Thirty-Nine Steps is full of suspense and one very long and exciting chase.

(a) western  noun  a film about cowboys in western North America set in the 1800s and 1900s

  • Do you think westerns show real life for people in America in the 19th century?

(a) musical  noun  a film in which singing and dancing are an important part

  • I hate musicals – all that singing and dancing is so embarrassing.

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