Reciprocal Pronouns

A reciprocal pronoun is used to indicate that a group of two or more people are doing or have done the same action. Also, all of the group has received the same action from the people in the group.

There are only two reciprocal pronouns:

  • each other
  • one another

When you want to talk about two people use each other.

  • Adam and Eve were looking at each other.
    (Adam looked at Eve/Eve looked at Adam)
  • Mary and Joseph gave each other presents at Christmas.
    (Mary gave Joseph a present/Joseph gave Mary a present)

When you want to talk about more than two people use one another.

  • John, Paul, George and Ringo looked at one another’s hair.
  • The children spent the afternoon kicking the ball to one another.

Each other and one another are both singular.