Direct Object

A direct object is a noun or pronoun in a sentence that receives the action of a transitive verb.

  • Gary drinks beer.
    (transitive verb/drink – direct object receives the action/beer)
  • The crowd applauded the singer.
    (transitive verb/applauded – direct object receives the action/singer)
  • We can walk to the top the hill and watch the sunset.
    (walk/hill – watch/sunset)

You can find the direct object in a sentence by finding the verb and asking what, or whom?

  • She ate an orange.
    Step 1. Find the verb = ate
    Step 2. Ask what? = orange
    The direct object is the orange.
  • Piotr will paint the house tomorrow.
    Step 1. Find the verb = paint
    Step 2. Ask What? = house
    The direct object is the house.

Compare with an indirect object.