Demonstrative Adjective

A demonstrative adjective is an adjective used to describe the position of something or someone in space or time. There are four demonstrative adjectives:

  • this
  • that
  • these
  • those

This and that tell us about singular nouns.

  • This red pen.
  • That beautiful rose.

These and those tell us about plural nouns.

  • These red pens.
  • Those beautiful roses.

This and these tell us about the thing which is near in space or time.

  • This book in my hand.
  • These vegetables in my bag.

That and those tell us the thing which is far away in space or time.

  • That large book on the top shelf.
    Those trees in the next field.

A demonstrative adjective always comes first in the noun phase.

  • This big green car.
    (demonstrative adjective – adjective – noun)
  • That tall building.
    (demonstrative adjective – adjective – noun

Compare with demonstrative pronouns.