Correlative Conjunctions

Correlative conjunctions are used in pairs to link equal parts of a sentence. Some common correlative conjunctions are:

  • neither… nor
  • either… or
  • not only… but also
  • not… but
  • both… and
  • such… that
  • rather… than
  • as… as
  • no sooner… than
  • if… then
  • scarcely… when


  • It was neither big nor clever.
    (The equal elements are big and clever. They are both adjectives.)
  • They bought not only a TV but also a washing machine.
    (The equal elements are the TV and the washing machine. They are both nouns.)
  • The light was not green but red.
  • Freddy is good at both singing and playing piano.
  • She knew if she wanted a new car then she would need to work a second job.