A conjunction is a word that connects two parts of a sentence. The two types of conjunction are co-ordinating and subordinating.

Co-ordinating conjunctions show things of equal status.

  • For
  • And
  • Nor
  • But
  • Or
  • Yet
  • So


As in these examples:

  • He will sing and dance.
  • The manager, or his assistant, will see you soon.
  • The weather is cool yet pleasant.

Subordinating conjunctions show that one thing is more important than another. Some examples:

  • after
  • although
  • as
  • because
  • before
  • if
  • since
  • that
  • unless
  • until
  • when
  • while

As in these examples:

  • I won’t meet them again unless they apologise first.
  • Because Andrey didn’t pay the bill, his electricity was cut off.