Extreme Sports

This lesson will help you define exciting, scary, terrifying, incredible, insane, adrenalin, safety equipment, humdrum and sissy.

exciting  adjective  interesting and full of action

  • One of the most exciting ski runs I have ever been on.

scary  adjective  making you feel frightened

  • Without a safety net, it was a little more scary.

terrifying  adjective  very frightening

  • Looking down was terrifying.

incredible  adjective  very, very good

  • The view across the mountains was incredible.

insane  adjective  very stupid or crazy, especially doing something that is likely to cause injury

  • BASE jumping is the most insane sport I know.

(–) adrenalin  uncountable noun  a chemical made by the body when you are frightened, angry, or excited, that makes the heart go faster

  • Zip-lining really gets the adrenalin pumping around my body.

(–) safety equipment  uncountable noun  equipment that is designed to protect people or stop serious problems

  • Oh my god! no safety equipment. He will kill himself.

humdrum  adjective  boring because nothing new or interesting happens

  • On the way to work John thought about his humdrum life.

(a) sissy  noun  a boy who other boys dislike and laugh at because they think he is weak or cowardly

  • If I pull the trigger will you still think I’m a sissy?

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