Etiquette 2

This etiquette 2 vocabulary lesson will help you use the words point, shake hands, greet, stare, yawn, slurp, burp and interrupt, correctly.

point  verb  to show someone something by using your finger

  • You! Don’t you know it is rude to point?


shake hands  phrase  to hold someone’s hand and move it up and down to greet them

  • We agreed to shake hands, but only for a good photo.


greet  verb  to welcome someone with words or actions when you meet them

  • Please Mr. President! – I only want to greet you.


stare  verb  to look at someone or something very directly for a long time

  • Are you staring at me?


yawn  verb  to open your mouth wide and take a big breath, especially because you are tired or bored

  • I am not yawning because your presentation was boring. It is because I am tired, honest.


slurp  verb  to make loud sucking noises when you drink something

  • Don’t slurp when you are drinking your tea.


burp  noun  the noise you make when air from your stomach comes out of your mouth

  • I hope nobody heard that burp.


interrupt  verb  to stop someone speaking by something you say or do

  • Sorry, but I need to interrupt you Mr. Mandela.


Now watch the video lesson and then do the etiquette 2 vocabulary exercise