This death vocabulary lesson will help you use the words dead, bury, grave, suicide, corpse, cemetery, terminal, extinct, afterlife and posthumous, correctly.

dead adjective not alive

  • The firemen found three dead bodies in the house.


bury verb to put a dead body into the ground

  • He was buried next to his wife.


(a) grave noun a place in the ground where a dead person is buried

  • He visits his mother’s grave every year.


(a) suicide noun the act of killing yourself deliberately

  • Life is so bad here that there is one suicide every week.


(a) corpse noun the body of a dead person

  • His corpse lay undiscovered for three weeks.


(a) cemetery noun an area of land where dead people are buried

  • All the family are buried in the same cemetery.


terminal adjective a terminal illness will not get better and will cause someone to die

  • She has terminal cancer.


extinct adjective if an animal is extinct all of them are dead

  • The dodo became extinct in 1662.


(the) afterlife singular noun life after death

  • The Terracotta Army was built to protect the emperor in his afterlife.


posthumous adjective something happening after a person’s death

  • He was given a posthumous award for his work with computers.


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