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Sentence fragment test

If you are not sure that your sentence is complete try this simple sentence fragment test.

Answer these three simple questions:

  • Does it have a subject?
  • Does it have a verb?
  • Does the sentence make sense?

If your sentence answers yes to all three questions then it is a good sentence. If it answers no to any of the questions then it is a sentence fragment, and you will need to change it.

Sentences without a subject.

  • Closed the door and left.
    He closed the door and left.
  • Was running down the road.
    The dog was running down the road.

Sentences without a verb.

  • That time of wonder and amazement.
    That was a time of wonder and amazement.
  • Clothes and toys scattered around the room.
    Clothes and toys were scattered around the room.

Sentences that doesn’t make sense.

  • I hate cutting the grass. Which is a problem because I have a big garden.
    (independent clause/first sentence – dependent clause/second sentence/doesn’t make sense)
    I hate cutting the grass, which is a problem because I have a big garden.
    (dependent clause/second sentence needs to connect with an independent clause/first sentence)
  • She is busy tonight. Doing her English homework.
    She is busy tonight, doing her English homework.