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Writing Numbers In Words: English Writing Lesson

This English vocabulary lesson will help you understand the rules for writing numbers.

Watch the video then do the revision exercises. If you need more help then read the text below before trying the exercises.

Write the numbers 0 – 10 as words.
There are 35 black squares.
There are two shapes with 20 white triangles.
There are four faces.
There is one spaceship, four planets and about 2,000 stars.
There are two tyres.

Remember: Numbers 0 – 10 use words.

I ate 3 eggs for breakfast. WRONG
I ate three eggs for breakfast. CORRECT

Never start a sentence with digit.
21,500 live in Higher Campbell Town. WRONG
Higher Campbell Town has a population of 21,550. CORRECT

If you are writing a technical document use digits.
There is a problem in line 6 of the code.

Remember: Numbers 0 – 10 use words.
Now do the revision exercises.