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Vocabulary Lesson Travel 2

English vocabulary lesson with words connected to travel. This lesson will help you define postcard, tour, day-trip, border, scenery, connection, landmark, excursion and jet lag.

(A) postcard NOUN a small card that you write on one side of and send to someone in the post. It has a picture on it and is sent from a place you are visiting
‘I promise I will send you a postcard when I arrive.’


(A) tour NOUN travelling to several places in an area for pleasure
‘Next week I will start my 15-day tour of Iran.’


(A) day-trip NOUN a journey that you make for pleasure in which you go to a place and come back on the same day
‘While I was on Iceland I took a day-trip to see the aura borealis.’


(A) border NOUN the line that divides two countries or areas
‘The border between North and South Korea is not the safest place on earth.’


(–) scenery NOUN natural things such as trees, mountains, and lakes that you can see in a particular place
‘In Asia the scenery is very . . . green.’


(A) connection NOUN when you arrive by train, bus, or plane at a place and then change to a different train, bus, or plane and continue your journey
‘My plane leaves Bangkok at 10:25. Then I have a connection in Kuala Lumpur that will take me to Jakarta.’


(A) landmark NOUN a famous building or object that you can see easily
‘The Eiffel Tower is the most famous landmark in Paris. You can see it from everywhere in the city.’


(An) excursion NOUN a short journey by a group of people made for pleasure
‘I was the only person on the excursion to the top of the tower.’


(–) jet lag NOUN extreme tiredness felt by a person after a long flight across different time zones
‘I always feel very tired after a flight from Europe to Asia – I guess it must be jet-lag.’


  • Write the correct word for the definition given. Use an article if necessary: a, an, the.

    (Instructions) Write the correct word for the definition given. Use an article if necessary: a, an, the.

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