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Vocabulary Lesson Travel 1

English vocabulary lesson with words connected to travel. This lesson will help you define travel, traveller, trip, journey, view, capital, custom, sightseeing, backpacking and attraction.

travel VERB to visit different places far from where you live
‘I have travelled to many cities in the world.’


(A) traveller NOUN someone who is travelling or who often travels
‘I would love to spend my life being a traveller.’


(A) trip NOUN when you go somewhere and come back again
‘He is on a business trip to Kazakhstan.’


(A) journey NOUN travelling from one place to another in a vehicle
‘Now we have a two-hour journey by road.’


(A) view NOUN beautiful natural scenery
‘The view across the tea plantation was amazing.’


(A) capital NOUN a city that is the centre of government of a country
‘The capital of France is Paris.’


(A) custom NOUN a way of doing something that has been done for a long time
‘It is the custom that when a child’s tooth falls out it is thrown on the roof of a house for good luck.’


sightseeing VERB visiting interesting places when you are on holiday
‘The Grand Canyon is an interesting place to go sightseeing.’


(–) backpacking UNCOUNTABLE NOUN travelling around an area without spending much money and carrying your clothes, etc in a backpack
‘A backpacking holiday is very popular with students.’


(An) attraction NOUN somewhere or something you can visit that is interesting or enjoyable
‘London has a lot of attractions: Big Ben, The London Eye and Buckingham Palace.’


  • Drag a definition next to the word it defines.

    Drag a definition next to the word it defines.

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