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Vocabulary Lesson Positive Personality

English vocabulary lesson with words connected to positive personality. This lesson will help you define kind, witty, sociable, out-going, modest, ambitious, easygoing, faithful, reliable, generous, sincere and broad-minded.

kind ADJECTIVE a person who cares about other people and wants to help them
‘Henry was very kind and helped me with my English.’


witty ADJECTIVE clever and funny
‘He tried to think of something witty to say.’


sociable ADJECTIVE someone who is friendly and likes being with other people
‘He was feeling ill and not very sociable.’


modest ADJECTIVE someone who does not like to talk about themselves and their successes
‘He was a very modest man, refusing to accept any thanks for his work.’


ambitious ADJECTIVE having a strong wish to be successful
‘He is an ambitious young lawyer and won’t let anything stop him.’


easygoing ADJECTIVE staying calm about things that anger or worry most people
‘Even in a crisis he seems to be easygoing.’


faithful ADJECTIVE to continue to help someone or be their friend, even in a difficult situation
‘My dog is more faithful than you.’


reliable ADJECTIVE someone who does what you expect them to do
‘My secretary is the most reliable person I know.’


generous ADJECTIVE someone who gives more of their time or money than is normal
‘It was generous of you to lend me the money.’


sincere ADJECTIVE talking and acting in a way that shows you really mean what you say and do
‘He has given me a sincere apology.’


broad-minded ADJECTIVE someone who accepts many different types of behaviour and is not easily shocked
‘With my previous girlfriend I had to be broad-minded.’


  • Choose the correct word for each definition.

    (Instructions) Choose the correct word for each definition.

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