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Vocabulary Lesson Places to Live

English vocabulary lesson with words connected to places to live. This lesson will help you define studio, Flat, cottage, detached house, terraced house, semi-detached house, kennel, bungalow, mansion and penthouse.

(A) studio NOUN a small flat that has only one main room
‘My first flat was a studio – only 12 square metres.’


(A) flat NOUN some rooms for living in that are part of a larger building and are usually all on one floor
‘My next flat was bigger and on the second floor.’


(A) cottage NOUN a small house in the countryside
‘Then I moved to a small cottage with a lovely garden.’


(A) detached house NOUN a house that is not joined to another house
‘After that I bought a detached house with a bigger garden.’


(A) terraced house NOUN a row of similar houses joined together on both sides
‘Now I live in a terraced house. Fortunately I have quiet neighbours.’


(A) semi-detached house NOUN a house joined to another house on one side
‘If you live in a semi-detached house you hope for good neighbours.’


(A) kennel NOUN a small house for a dog
‘They share a lovely wooden kennel.’


(A) bungalow NOUN a low house that is all on one level
‘For sale: one bungalow with four bedrooms, a pond and 12 ducks.’


(A) mansion NOUN a very large, expensive house
‘They live in the white mansion on the hill.’


(A) penthouse NOUN a large, expensive flat at the top of a tall building
‘His penthouse has a fantastic view over the city.’


  • Play the audio and then choose the correct definition for each word.

    (Instructions) Play the audio and then choose the correct definition for each word.


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