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Vocabulary Lesson Phones

English vocabulary lesson with words connected to phones. This lesson will help you define phone, answer, pick up, hang up, cut off, call back, dial, country code, engaged tone and tinkle.

phone VERB to contact someone by telephone
‘I am trying to phone her but there is no answer.’


answer VERB to pick up a phone when you hear it ringing
‘You relax, I will answer it.’


pick up PHRASAL VERB to answer a telephone
‘Somebody please pick up the phone, I’m busy.’


hang up PHRASAL VERB to end a phone conversation
‘Before you hang up I want to tell you something.’


cut off PHRASAL VERB when a phone connection stops working
‘We got cut off before I could tell her.’


call back PHRASAL VERB to telephone someone again, or to telephone someone who telephoned you earlier
‘I have to go out now, but I will call you back tonight.’


dial VERB to choose the numbers you want on your phone so you can phone someone
‘I keep dialling the wrong number.’


(A) country code NOUN the numbers at the beginning of a phone number that you need to phone someone outside your country
‘The UK country code is 44.’


(AN) engaged tone NOUN the noise your hear on your phone when the person you are trying to phone is phoning someone else
‘I have been trying to phone her for an hour, but all I get is the engaged tone.’


tinkle NOUN a telephone call
‘Give me a tinkle next week.’


  • Choose the correct definition for each word.

    Choose the correct definition for each word.

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