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Vocabulary Lesson Language

English vocabulary lesson with words connected to language. This lesson will help you define Jargon, statement, slogan, remark, cliché, sound bite, nugget, terminology, figure of speech and adage.

(–) jargon UNCOUNTABLE NOUN special words and phrases that are used by a group of people and that are difficult for others to understand
‘Normal people don’t understand legal jargon.’


(A) statement NOUN a definite and clear expression of something in speech, writing or action
‘The prime minister stood up and made a statement about her plans for Brexit.’


(A) slogan NOUN a short phrase that is easy to remember and is used to advertise something
‘The world’s local bank is a famous slogan for HSBC.’


(A) remark NOUN a few words of opinion or thought
‘She once famously made the remark that there was no such thing as society.’


(A) cliché NOUN a phrase or idea that is boring because people use it a lot and it is no longer original
‘His description of the game was full of clichés.’


(A) sound bite NOUN a short sentence or phrase said publicly, especially by a politician
‘Most politicians only speak using sound bites now.’


(A) nugget NOUN a small piece of information that is very useful or important
‘My idea is a little nugget!’


(–) terminology UNCOUNTABLE NOUN the words and phrases used in connection with a particular subject or activity
‘Understanding medical terminology doesn’t mean you are a good doctor.’


(A) figure of speech NOUN an expression that uses words to mean something different from their normal meaning
‘When I say break a leg it is only a figure of speech. I am really wishing you good luck.’


(An) adage NOUN wise words about life
‘The old adage about things getting worse before they get better is certainly true at the moment.’


  • Play the audio and then drag the correct definition into the box below.

    Play the audio and then drag the correct definition into the box below.

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