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Vocabulary Lesson Ghosts & Spirits

English vocabulary lesson with words connected to ghosts & spirits. This lesson will help you define ghost, spirit, spooky, demon, evil, haunted, phantom, poltergeist and guardian angel.

(a) ghost NOUN the spirit of a dead person, often shown as a transparent figure
‘Do you believe that people come back as ghosts after they die?’


(a) spirit NOUN the part of a person which many people believe lives after the body has died
‘My dog died four years ago, but I feel her spirit with me when I go for a walk.’


spooky ADJECTIVE strange and frightening
‘The forest is a spooky place early in the morning.’


(a) demon NOUN an evil spirit
‘My ex-girlfriend was a real demon.’


evil ADJECTIVE very bad or cruel
‘That doll looks evil.’


haunted ADJECTIVE lived in by a ghost or spirit
‘My cellar is haunted – it is full of spirits.’


(a) phantom NOUN another word for ghost
‘Phantom or ghost, what’s the difference – RUN!’


(a) poltergeist NOUN a spirit that makes loud noises and throws objects around a room
‘Our new neighbour must be a poltergeist. I have never seen him, but I keep hearing strange noises coming from the bedroom.’


(a) guardian angel NOUN a friendly spirit that helps or protects a person
‘I think that my guardian angel has abandoned me. Otherwise we wouldn’t have fallen down this hole.’


  • Choose the correct word for each definition.

    Choose the correct word for each definition.

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