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Vocabulary Lesson Etiquette 1

English vocabulary lesson with words connected to etiquette. This lesson will help you define etiquette, formal, polite, behaviour, manners, offend, rude, tact, faux pas and uncouth.

(–) etiquette UNCOUNTABLE NOUN a set of rules of polite behaviour in different situations
‘The waiter’s understanding of etiquette seemed to be very different from their own.’


formal ADJECTIVE an official or serious situation or occasion
‘Mr. Bond was dressed for a formal evening.’


polite ADJECTIVE behaving towards other people in a good way that follows all the usual rules of society
‘Ronny was always polite to Mrs. Jones, but he didn’t like her.’


(–) behaviour UNCOUNTABLE NOUN The way in which someone acts towards other people
‘Walking with a book on your head helps make your behaviour better.’


(–) manners PLURAL NOUN polite social behaviour and habits
‘Kissing a lady on the hand shows you have good manners.’


offend VERB to make someone unhappy and angry
‘Using your fingers to eat your food is likely to offend some people.’


rude ADJECTIVE not polite
‘Eating soup can sometimes make rude noises.’


(–) tact UNCOUNTABLE NOUN a careful way of speaking or behaving so that you don’t upset other people
‘Melissa always showed great tact when gossiping.’


(A) faux pas NOUN words or behaviour that are a social mistake
‘John’s faux pas shocked Marilyn.’


uncouth ADJECTIVE rude or offensive behaviour
‘Loud talking on a phone is uncouth.’