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Vocabulary Lesson Dictators

English vocabulary lesson with words connected to dictators. This lesson will help you define fanatic, bully, tyrant, autocrat, oppressor, persecutor, dogmatist, exploiter and malevolent

(A) fanatic NOUN someone who has very strong beliefs that often make someone behave in an unreasonable way
‘This attack was carried out by religious fanatics.’


(A) bully NOUN to frighten or hurt someone who is smaller or weaker than you
‘Young Adolf was a bully at school.’


(A) tyrant NOUN a ruler who has unlimited power over other people, and uses it unfairly and cruelly
‘To stop a tyrant you must take away their power.’


(An) autocrat NOUN someone who has total power in a country or organisation
‘For autocrats, like Mussolini, power is addictive.’


(An) oppressor NOUN someone who treats people in an unfair and cruel way and stops them from having freedom
‘To some people Castro was a hero, to some he was an oppressor.’


(A) persecutor NOUN a person who treats a particular group of people cruelly
‘Many people were killed by this evil persecutor.’


(A) dogmatist NOUN a person who believes that their opinions or beliefs are correct and won’t listen to other people
‘My manager is a dogmatist.’


(An) exploiter NOUN a person who uses other people or things for their own advantage
‘Was Stalin really an exploiter, thinking about his own pleasure – or was he a hero of the revolution?’


malevolent ADJECTIVE showing that you want to do something bad to someone
‘The white farmers see the new laws as malevolent.’


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    Drag a definition next to the word it defines.

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