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Vocabulary Lesson Chocolate

English vocabulary lesson with words connected to chocolate. This lesson will help you define chocolate bar, sweets, dark chocolate, plain chocolate, chew, suck, wrapper, cocoa and confectionery.

(A) chocolate bar NOUN a block of chocolate wrapped and sold
‘I was so hungry that I could have eaten the whole bar – so I did.’


(A) sweet NOUN a small piece of food made with sugar
‘I bought this bag of sweets yesterday.’


(–) dark chocolate UNCOUNTABLE NOUN dark, bitter, chocolate without added milk
‘Dark chocolate is a taste of luxury.’


(–) plain chocolate UNCOUNTABLE NOUN another name for dark chocolate
‘I love eating plain chocolate with a glass of Guinness.’


chew VERB to bite something continuously
‘You should chew your food before trying to swallow it.’


suck VERB to put something in your mouth and move your tongue against it to taste its flavour
‘She was sucking very noisily trying to annoy me – it was working.’


(A) wrapper NOUN a piece of paper or plastic that is wrapped around something that you buy
‘Don’t throw that wrapper on the floor – put it in the bin.’


(–) cocoa UNCOUNTABLE NOUN a dark brown powder used to make chocolate and add a chocolate flavour to food and drink
‘The recipe says I should use 100g of cocoa.’


(–) confectionery UNCOUNTABLE NOUN the collective noun for sweets and chocolates
‘I was in the confectionery shop for nearly an hour choosing her present.’


  • Drag a definition to the word it defines.

    Drag a definition to the word it defines.

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