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Vocabulary Lesson Cars

English vocabulary lesson with words connected to fear. This lesson will help you define banger, company car, estate, hatchback, saloon, convertible, limousine, people carrier, stretch limo and hearse.

(A) banger NOUN a very old car in bad condition
‘I have a banger and I love it!’


(A) company car NOUN a car that is owned by a company and used by an employee for their business and private use
‘My salary is 60,000 a year plus a company car.’


(An) estate NOUN a car with a lot of space behind the back seat and an extra door at the back for putting in large objects
‘I have a fat wife, three fat children and five beautiful dogs, so I need an estate car.’


(A) hatchback NOUN a car that has an extra door at the back that opens upwards to allow things to be put in
‘My car is a hatchback so moving your piano shouldn’t be a problem.’


(A) saloon NOUN a closed car with seats for four or five people, two or four doors, and a separate area at the back for luggage
‘The Mark 2 Jaguar is the most beautiful saloon car ever made.’


(A) convertible NOUN a car with a soft roof that can be folded back or taken off
‘A convertible looks best with the top down.’


(A) limousine NOUN a large expensive comfortable car in which a screen separates the driver from the passengers
‘This limousine was owned by royalty.’


(A) people carrier NOUN a large, high car that can carry more people than a normal car
‘If you have more than three wives you may need to buy a people carrier.’


(A) stretch limo NOUN a large, expensive car that has been made longer to give extra space or seats, often used by rich, famous people
‘If you have more than six wives you may need to buy a stretch limo.’


(A) hearse NOUN a large, black car used for carrying a dead person in a coffin to a funeral
‘Your final journey is usually in a hearse.’