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Vocabulary Lesson the Brain

English vocabulary lesson with words connected to the brain. This lesson will help you define brain box, grey matter, bird-brain, brainwave, brain damage, brain teaser, dementia and psychologist.

(A) brain box NOUN a very intelligent person
‘Einstein was a real brain box at school.’


(–) grey matter UNCOUNTABLE NOUN an informal word for your brain
‘Stephen Hawking’s grey matter works better than most other people’s.’


(A) bird-brain NOUN a stupid person
‘Mozart may have been a bird-brain in the kitchen, but with music he was a genius.’


(A) brainwave NOUN a very good idea that comes to you suddenly
‘Leonardo da Vinci had many brainwaves.’


(–) brain damage UNCOUNTABLE NOUN injury to someone’s brain because of an accident or illness
‘Fortunately Isaac Newton didn’t suffer brain damage when he fell off his horse.’


(A) brain teaser NOUN a problem or puzzle, especially one designed to be solved as a game
‘John Stuart Mill enjoyed doing brain teasers in the evenings.’


(–) dementia UNCOUNTABLE NOUN a serious medical condition in old people causing their mental abilities to become worse
‘Although Nikola Tesla stopped working a few years before his death there is no evidence that he suffered from dementia.’


(A) psychologist NOUN someone who studies how people’s minds work
‘Only an experienced psychologist can understand how the mind of a genius like Michael Faraday works.’


  • Play the audio then choose the correct word for each definition.

    (Instructions) Play the audio then choose the correct word for each definition.

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