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Using ‘ing’ and ‘ed’ adjectives: English Grammar Lesson

This English grammar lesson will help you remember how to use -ed and -ing as adjectives correctly.

Watch the video then do the revision exercises If you need more help then read the text below before trying the exercises.

Adjectives that end in -ed describe how you feel.

I was frightened by a UFO I saw in the park yesterday.
(You felt frightened)

Adjectives that end in –ing describe the action by something or someone.
It was huge, dark and frightening.
(It was frightening because it was huge and dark)

Then suddenly the UFO took off. It was amazing to see it.
(It was amazing because of the action, taking off, it did)

I was interested in two aliens.
They seemed to be dancing. It was very interesting.

I was hoping that they wouldn’t become interested in me.

Remember: –ed for your feelings. -ing for the action.

Now do the revision exercises.