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Using Other And Another: English Vocabulary Lesson

This Vocabulary lesson will help you understand when to use Other and Another in your spoken English.

Watch the video then do the revision exercises. If you need more help then read the text below before trying the exercises.

Use other for plural nouns and another for singular nouns.
‘One position shows the back of the head.’
Another position shows the face.’
(Another position talks about one position)
Other positions are also possible.’
(Other positions talks about two or more positions)

We use other with plural or uncountable nouns.
‘I have some other books at home.’
(Books is plural)
‘Other men like football.’

We use another with singular nouns.
‘I have another blue shirt in my wardrobe.’
(Shirt is singular)
‘Another piece of cake please.’

Remember: Another with one, other with two or more.

Now do the revision exercises.