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When To Use First, second, third: ESL Vocabulary Lesson

This Vocabulary lesson will help you understand when to use First, second, third and one, 1, two, 2, three, 3 in your English conversation.
Watch the video then do the revision exercises.  If you need more help then read the text below before trying the exercises.

One, two, etc. for counting.
Normal numbers are 1, one, 2, two, 3, three, etc. These are also called cardinal numbers.
‘I’d like three coffees, please.’
‘The Great Fire was about 400 years ago.’
‘There are two kittens.’

First, second, etc. for showing the order of something.
The next group of numbers are the ordinal numbers. We use these to show the order of something.
‘She came second in the competition.’
‘The woman was in her sixth month of pregnancy.’
‘Today it is 26th February.’
‘The first kitten is black and brown.’
‘The second kitten is grey and white.’
‘The second kitten is still asleep.’
‘The first kitten is now awake. Arrrh!’

Remember: One counting. First order of something.

Now do the revision exercises.