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Present Perfect Simple And Continuous: English Grammar Lesson

This English grammar lesson will show you how to use the present perfect simple and present perfect continuous.

Watch the video then do the revision exercises.  If you need more help then read the text below before trying the exercises.

To talk about the action we use the continuous form.
‘A train has been coming through the market for many years.’
(Coming is the action)
To talk about the result of the action we use the simple form.
‘Every day the sellers have had to move their baskets.’
(The result is the sellers have had to move their baskets)
‘The train has become popular with tourists.’

‘I’ve been reading this book for two months, but I’ve only read half of it.’
(‘Reading’ in the continuous form to emphasise the length of time. ‘Read’ in the simple for because the result is only half of the book has been read)
‘She’s been trying to convince him for 20 minutes but she hasn’t managed to yet.’
(The action in the continuous form, the result in the simple form)

Remember: Simple for the result. Continuous for the action.

Now do the revision exercises.


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