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Numbers As Adjectives: English Grammar Lesson 28

This English grammar lesson will help you remember to add the letter –s to the end of a verb when using the third person singular.

Watch the video then do the revision exercises. If you need more help then read the text below before trying the exercises.

When a number is an adjective there is no -s.
‘A 1,500-metre-high walkway.’
‘A four-man walking team.’

‘A five-minute queue.’
(We add hyphens to multiple word adjectives that go before the noun)

‘A five-minute queue. (Queue is the noun, . . .)
‘A five-minute queue.’
(. . . five-minute is the multiple word adjective that describes it)

‘A one-man photography team.’
‘It is a 25-window walkway.’
(When the adjective comes after the noun . . .
‘The walkway has 25 windows.’
. . . we use an -s if it is more than one, but no hyphens)

Remember: When a number is an adjective no -s.

Now do the revision exercises.