Bermuda Triangle

This Bermuda Triangle vocabulary lesson will help you use the words cause, theory, trace, incident, evidence, wreckage, vanish, mysterious, disappearance and explanation, correctly.

cause  verb  to make something bad happen

  • A huge wave caused the ship to sink.


(a) theory  noun  an idea that says how or why something happens

  • One theory is that the ship hit something underwater.


(a) trace  noun  a small sign that something has happened or been there

  • No trace of the plane was ever found.


(an) incident  noun  an event that is unpleasant or unusual

  • In the Bermuda Triangle there have been many strange incidents.


(–) evidence  uncountable noun  reasons for believing that something is or is not true

  • Two tornadoes at the same time – rubbish! Show me the evidence.


(–) wreckage  uncountable noun  what is left of something that has been badly damaged or destroyed

  • They found the wreckage of the plane in 30 metres of water.


vanish  verb  to disappear suddenly and completely

  • Three days after leaving home he vanished without a trace.


mysterious  adjective  difficult to understand or explain

  • A mysterious ship can sometimes be seen floating near the harbour.


(a) disappearance  noun  a situation in which someone or something can no longer be found or seen

  • A disappearance in or near the Bermuda Triangle always interests people.


(an) explanation  noun  a reason you give for something that has happened

  • I can’t give you any explanation for what happened.


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