This lesson will help you define astrology, prediction, interpret, astronomy, physician, prophet, astronomer, psychic and prophecy.

(–) astrology  uncountable noun  looking at the stars and planets and how they influence a person’s character and life

  • He thinks astrology will tell him if he will have a good day or not.

(a) prediction  noun  saying what you think will happen in the future

  • A disaster was the prediction for 2012.

interpret  verb  to change what someone is saying into another language

  • Is it possible to interpret this old text?

(–) astronomy  uncountable noun  the scientific study of the stars and planets

  • Astronomy is best studied at night.

(a) physician  noun  a medical doctor

  • He has been my physician since I was a baby.

(a) prophet  noun  a person who predicts what will happen in the future

  • Nostradamus was a prophet from the 16th century.

(an) astronomer  noun  someone who studies astronomy

  • Astronomers have decided that Pluto is too small to be called a planet.

(a) psychic  noun  a person having a special ability so that they know what will happen in the future or know what people are thinking

  • I could feel something was going to happen – I must be a psychic!

(a) prophecy  noun  a prediction of what will happen in the future

  • Many Mayan prophecies were carved into stone.

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