This motivation vocabulary lesson will help you use the words motivation, drive, focus, desire, goal, incentive, determination, get-up-and-go, encouragement and achievement, correctly.

(–) motivation  uncountable noun  enthusiasm for doing something

  • He doesn’t have a lot of motivation for his job.


(–) drive  uncountable noun  the energy and determination to achieve something

  • To be successful you need drive.


focus  verb  to concentrate on something

  • Focusing on one job will give you better results.


desire  verb  to want something very much

  • He has everything you desire for the next few hours.


(a) goal  noun  something that you hope to achieve

  • Their goal was to find some beer.


(an) incentive  noun  something that encourages a person to do something

  • Money is always an incentive.


(–) determination  uncountable noun  to continue trying to do something although it is very difficult

  • You have to admire the lizard’s determination.


get-up-and-go  phrase  having energy and enthusiasm

  • He doesn’t seem to have a huge amount of get-up-and-go today.


(–) encouragement  uncountable noun  words or actions that give someone confidence to do something

  • A smile from her was the only encouragement he needed.


(an) achievement  noun  something very good and difficult you have done

  • Istanbul in 2005 was a great achievement.


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