Facial Hair

This facial hair vocabulary lesson will help you use the words beard, goatee, stubble, clean-shaven, moustache, sideburns, five o’clock shadow, whiskers and handlebar moustache, correctly.

(a) beard  noun  hair that grows on a man’s chin and cheeks

  • My beard is starting to go grey as I am getting older.


(a) goatee  noun  a small, pointed beard that grows on a man’s chin – like that of a goat.

  • My goatee is growing down and my hat is growing up.


(–) stubble  uncountable noun  the short hairs on a man’s face if he hasn’t shaved for a few days

  • Leave my stubble or shave it off?


clean-shaven  adjective  a man without a beard or moustache

  • My new clean-shaven image will definitely get me a new woman.


(a) moustache  noun  the hair growing below a man’s, or a woman’s, nose

  • Some men like women with moustaches.


(–) sideburns  plural noun  hair grown by a man in front of his ears

  • With my wild hair and sideburns I look like someone from the 18th century.


(a) five o’clock shadow  noun  the small hairs growing on a man’s face in the afternoon since his shave in the morning

  • An android with a five o’clock shadow looks almost human.


(–) whiskers  plural noun  an old-fashioned name for hair growing on a man’s cheeks

  • Many men in the 19th century had long whiskers.


(a) handlebar moustache  noun  a long moustache that curls up at both ends

  • The most famous photo of Salvador Dali shows him with a very long thin handlebar moustache.


Now watch the video lesson and then do the facial hair vocabulary exercise