This bottles vocabulary lesson will help you use the words bottle, neck, bottle top, bottle opener, label, cork, corkscrew and screw top, correctly.

(a) bottle  noun  a glass or plastic container for liquids with a narrow part at the top

  • Empty beer bottles are very sad to see.


(a) neck  noun  the long narrow part of a bottle near the top

  • You can hold a beer bottle at the neck to drink it.


(a) bottle top  noun  a circular piece of metal or plastic used to close a bottle

  • Please put the bottle top back on when you have finished. It stops the bubbles escaping.


(a) bottle opener  noun  a small tool used for taking off a metal bottle top

  • If we can’t find the bottle opener we will have to drink the wine.


(a) label  noun  a piece of paper on the bottle which tells you about what is inside

  • The label tells me that this wine is a Chardonnay and comes from Australia.


(a) cork  noun  a piece of wood that goes in the hole at the top of a bottle of wine

  • The cork is very dry so, I need to take it out slowly.


(a) corkscrew  noun  a tool used for taking the corks out of bottles of wine

  • If we can’t find the corkscrew we will have to drink the sherry.


(a) screw top  noun  a plastic or metal bottle top that you turn to put on or take off the bottle

  • This wine doesn’t need a corkscrew to open it. It has a screw top.


Now watch the video lesson and then do the bottles vocabulary exercise