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The Tale of Baucis and Philemon

A Greek Myth

Zeus, the king of Mount Olympus, came down to visit the country folk disguised as a beggar. People turned him away until he came to the house of a poor elderly couple, Baucis and Philemon. Baucis and Philemon shared their simple meal of bread and wine with their guest. Oddly enough, the wine jug never emptied and there was more bread after each slice was cut. It was then that Baucis and Philemon realised that this was no ordinary visitor, but a god from Mount Olympus.

They bowed low and apologised for the simple food they had to offer. Zeus replied, “When you have shared your best, there is never a need to apologise.”

In return for their generosity, Zeus granted them their only wish: to remain together always. and so, when Baucis and Philemon died, an oak and a linden tree grew with their trunks entwined around each other, on the spot where the couple was buried.