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People not Persons

People is the plural of person.

Two people are on the grass. One person is sleeping on it, one person is cutting it.

There are two people on the grass. One person is sleeping, the other is cutting the grass.

• One person was swimming in the pool.

• Hundreds of people were killed in the fighting.

Remember: Don’t say persons.
  • Remember: Don’t say persons.

    One person or two people?

    Optical illusion showing one person or maybe two people.

  • Remember: Don’t say persons.

    One person starts dancing. Then another person starts dancing. Soon eight people are dancing. Then 50 people are dancing. At the end hundreds of people are dancing.

  • They can mean one person

    As a pronoun they usually talks about a group of people, but it can also talk about one person. (3:15)

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