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Numbers as words or digits?

Write the numbers 0 – 10 as words.

Four dogs sleeping on a table.

There are four dogs sleeping on the table.

• I ate 3 eggs for breakfast. WRONG
• I ate three eggs for breakfast. CORRECT

Never start a sentence with digits.
• 21,500 live in Higher Campbell Town. WRONG
• Higher Campbell Town has a population of 21,550. CORRECT

If you are writing a technical document use digits.
• There is a problem in line 6 of the code.

Remember: Numbers 0 – 10 use words.
  • Remember: Numbers 0 – 10 use words.

    In this picture you can see one man, two houses, and 252 chairs.

    A large number of chairs between two English houses.

  • Remember: Numbers 0 – 10 use words.

    There are two shapes with 20 white triangles.

    There are eight people on stage. Each person has two legs. So, there are 16 legs moving to create an optical illusion.