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Numbers as words or digits?

Write the numbers 0 – 10 as words.

Four dogs sleeping on a table.

There are four dogs sleeping on the table.

• I ate 3 eggs for breakfast. WRONG
• I ate three eggs for breakfast. CORRECT

Never start a sentence with digits.
• 21,500 live in Higher Campbell Town. WRONG
• Higher Campbell Town has a population of 21,550. CORRECT

If you are writing a technical document use digits.
• There is a problem in line 6 of the code.

Remember: Numbers 0 – 10 use words.
  • Remember: Numbers 0 – 10 use words.

    In this picture you can see one man, two houses, and 252 chairs.

    A large number of chairs between two English houses.

  • Remember: Numbers 0 -10 use words.

    There are eight people on stage. Each person has two legs. So, there are 16 legs moving to create an optical illusion.

  • Numbers as words or digits?
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    Numbers as adjectives
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