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My Students

Word-of-mouth, sometimes called Personal Recommendation, is considered the best form of advertising.

You may ask, Why so many students in Russia? This happened because my first online student was from Moscow in Russia. They enjoyed my lessons so they recommended me to their friend, who then recommended me to their friend, who then recommended me, etc.

Some kind words from my students.

After a few lessons with Gary I successfully passed my promotion interview in English. Then I could speak proper English with my colleagues from different countries. Every lesson with Gary is so interesting and educational. I learn a lot from Gary. Of course the first thing is English. And I feel that my English is becoming better and better. Gary is a fantastic teacher. He is also a great psychologist as well.

The second thing is that we discuss lots of unusual things. It helps me to feel more comfortable and more confident in real life. Also it opens my mind. After Gary's lessons I feel so positive, so energetic and cannot wait for the next one.

Gary. Thank you a lot! You make this world better. I am very happy that I know you as a person and as a great teacher!

Tanya Tserekh. Advanced level, Moscow, Russia.

Before I started lessons with Gary, I had tried five different teachers. Gary won me over, because he is very open, charming and with great sense of humour. Lessons time passes like a minute in pleasant communication ... only when he gives me difficult tasks, I remember about time, but of course, this tasks only for my good result.

Sofya Vinogradova. Pre-intermediate level, Moscow, Russia

I'd had no significant problems with reading and writing, but poor verbal skills had been really a big blocker in my life and career. Gary helped me a lot to break into speaking English. Now I'm able to make phone calls and talk to my English-speaking clients and associates. And, as a pleasant bonus, now I'm able to watch movies and TV shows without subtitles.

Michael Samoylov. Advanced level, Vilnius, Lithuania

Gary Skyner definitely has all necessary and right qualities to be the best English teacher. Gary is a native speaker. You can be sure about his perfect English pronunciation and ability to hear and correct you in the best way. His explanations and examples are very clear and illustrative. Most of all, Gary makes you feel comfortable in the language. It doesn’t matter which level you have, with Gary you begin to speak immediately. He makes you forget your fear to speak and make mistakes. Gary prepares you for the real situations where you can use your language and feel yourself confident.

Gary is interesting, tactful, smart, attentive and patient. This makes you relaxed and enjoy the lessons. Gary is organised and punctual. His lessons always have a plan and a system. He finds topics according to your needs. The material is nowadays, actual, funny and requires brains. You learn at the same time a lot of new things including how to think in English. With Gary you develop all language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. All Gary’s lesson are exciting and challenging.

Ksenia Lebedeva. Intermediate level, Belgium

Gary carefully plans lessons, gives verbal and written tasks, including cheerful material for homework. During the class we alternate periods of hard work with easy entertaining material. For example, a grammar exercise is after a simple hilarious video - and it's very cool! Classes are held in one breath.

P.S. Remember: a good teacher never gives promises that you will learn everything that he knows. Gary gives you the best English knowledge and how to use it - you decide for yourself.

Eugene Shiman. Intermediate level, Minsk, Belarus

Gary’s English lessons are really very interesting and funny. I don’t know how he could find so exciting materials in the internet! Articles, videos and audio files are full of rich alive language with subtle sense of humour.

Gary is very easygoing person and after several lessons I could speak to him like a friend and not afraid to make a mistake, or to forget a word. There is no stress during the lessons and that is very important reason why I prefer to develop my English with Gary’s help.

The third reason I take Gary Skyner’s lessons is very flexible time. I have two small children and my schedule is very changeable. I thank Gary a lot for finding lesson times convenient for me every time I need them.

Olga Grozdova. Upper-intermediate level, Moscow, Russia

Gary Skyner is a superb teacher and encourages me to speak English, to write in English, to think in English! I always look forward to have my next lesson.

Besides, on-line study is much cheaper and much convenient than traditional language school.

Svetlana Kogon. Upper-intermediate level, Moscow, Russia

When I was starting to have lessons with Gary, I was afraid of that I will not understand him, and it will be very difficult for me. But I had a target. I would like to speak English easy and to understand this language. I continue to study English with Gary. This is always not easy, but I was in Finland last time, and I had a few conversations. I was not nervous, I understood all words, and answered calmly also. Our lessons are always happy, and I always have good mood. I will continue our lessons.

Ruslan Serkov. Pre-intermediate level, St. Petersburg, Russia

Gary gives interesting material which I like to read and watch. Sometimes I send his links on lessons material to my friends. His funny video and pictures make our lessons very comfortable and exciting for me.

Vadim Dmitrienko. Intermediate level, Moscow, Russia

I started having lessons with Gary with some prior knowledge of English. The method Gary uses to teach differed greatly from what I was used to in school, university and English other classes, where we learned endless grammar rules and tried to apply them.

Gary's method was quite different: we talked a lot and he corrected me if I made mistakes. Sometimes we made exercises, and after them we discussed them. At first I was a bit uncomfortable with such a method of learning English, because I had been used to a different way of studying English and wasn't sure if this method was effective at all. But now I can say for sure that it was effective.

A year has passed since I finished lessons with Gary, but under numerous circumstances I use the words I learned during classes with Gary. At that time I didn't put really any effort into learning them: I didn't write it down or repeat but those word somehow ingrained into my mind just from casual talking in the lessons. So know I'm sure the communicative method of teaching English is very effective and easy for a student. One more thing that I think is important is that during those lessons I talked to a native English speaker. I had no way to resort to my mother tongue in the cases of misunderstanding and had to use English to find the way out. It was really great as I learned that I really can do that and it is what I will be able to do when speaking to an English native in the street or in another country where I will have no option other than speak in English.

Lessons with Gary were a very interesting experience. I gained a lot from them. And would definitely recommend to learn with Gary for those who want to improve their English.

Oleg Golovin. Advanced level, Moscow, Russia

An awesome teacher that makes the learning not only useful but fun as well!

Andrey Safonov. Advanced level, Minsk, Belarus

I had learned English at school, university and express courses. What has changed after our lessons? Now I can speak it instead of reading boring books with rules. Thank you, Mr. Skyner.

Slava Prohorov. Upper-intermediate level, Moscow, Russia

A teacher with whom you don't feel like a pupil at school. I have been practising my English with him for a couple years and I would recommended him to everyone.

Ramil Galimov. Advanced level, Moscow, Russia

A year ago I was sceptical about lessons via Skype. But now I regret that I didn't start learning earlier. It works and works great. They are not as boring as learning in classes and are available anywhere (business trips for example). Lessons are 1 to 1 so it means that all attention is paid to you. Interesting materials, various activities, and absolutely positive attitude from an experienced teacher. Thanks a lot Gary.

Ilya Zhuravlev. Upper-intermdiate level, Moscow, Russia

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