Listen to the audio file and read the text at the same time. Then make bullet point notes on the whiteboard of the main points of this article. You will use these notes later to describe your relationship with newspapers and news on the internet.

Newspapers vs. The Internet


Once, it was difficult to imagine a morning without a newspaper. We would wake up, drink a cup of tea, and read the newspapers to find the latest news around the world.

Today the world has changed. To get the latest news, just go to the internet. And of course, there are numerous television news channels, which broadcast 24 hours a day. So, who really needs newspapers?

First of all, many people read newspapers out of habit. Why change anything? Why switch on a laptop if tomorrow morning we will find a newspaper in the door? And, if there has been a really big news story we will hear about it on TV.

The feeling of reading a newspaper is like reading books – it is a difficult habit to stop for many people. You can read during meals, in bed before sleep or after waking up, or even in the bathroom. You can use a laptop in these places, but it is far less convenient.

Major newspapers around the world noticed this a long time ago. They understood that the news on the internet will be the future. Online news sites would allow you to filter content, and to make finding the news you want, easy to find.

Statistics show that the number of readers of newspapers is falling every year and this is no surprise. The younger generation does not have a natural attraction to the newspaper. They are more drawn to buttons and the screen.

Personally, I stopped reading newspapers as soon as I bought my first laptop.