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Many Would ‘Want To Live To 100’

Many Britons would give up favourite things, including sex, to reach 100 years of age, a poll suggests.

Some 40% said they would give up sex – half of women and a third of men – 39% food and drinks and 42% travel.

But the survey of 1,003 people found 94% would not give up the company of family and friends and three quarters would not sacrifice money.

People cited being there for family and seeing grandchildren grow up as the main reasons for wanting to reach 100.

The poll also revealed half thought scientists should continue to keep trying to prolong people’s lifespans, while 45% thought it was everyone’s duty to live as long as possible.

But the point at which people thought old age was reached differed between age groups. The 16 to 24-year-old aged group see it as starting at 61, while those over 75 said it kicked in at 71.

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