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Free Course

Do you need help with your English?

The Free Course is . . . free. All you have to do is give me your first name and your e-mail address and then hit SEND.

Help with tenses and irregular verbs and other such parts of English is available all over the internet so if I did the same it wouldn’t help you. So I didn’t do that.

Instead, I thought about the typical problems my Skype students have. After some time a list started to form. As I thought more it grew longer and longer and longer. After I had finished thinking and writing my list I said to myself there is your free course, Gary. Because my name is Gary and I was writing a free course.

My Skype lessons contain lots of humour, simple explanations, photos, videos. My free lesson course is done in the same way. The course contains:

  • 25 short lessons with examples, photos, videos and practise exercises to help with common mistakes
  • Four extra video lessons
  • Six extra listening lessons
  • Three extra photo lessons
  • Two extra reading lessons
  • Tools to improve your reading, listening and vocabulary building
  • Help passing your next English exam
  • Audio files and answer sheets to download

They look great on your smartphone. No adverts. You can unsubscribe at any time, and of course I will not give your e-mail details to anyone else.

Do you want to stop mistakes in your English?


What people are saying

Gary’s English lessons are really very interesting and funny. I don’t know how he could find so exciting materials in the internet! Articles, videos and audio files are full of rich alive language with subtle sense of humour. Gary is very easygoing person and after several lessons I could speak to him like a friend and not afraid to make a mistake, or to forget a word. There is no stress during the lessons and that is very important reason why I prefer to develop my English with Gary’s help.

Olga Grozdova, Upper-intermediate level, Moscow, Russia